Analyse et optimisation de la performance réseau

Streamcore monitors and controls the performance of application traffic flows across wide area networks and the public Internet. Unlike solutions that measure performance only at the network layer, Streamcore can discern behavior down to the application and session layers. Combine this discrete view with the ability to dynamically optimize traffic flows to achieve business priorities. The result is happy users and efficient network operations.


  • Deep packet inspection – analyzes network traffic at wire speed, collecting comprehensive measurements and packet data at distributed points in your network.
  • WAN acceleration – protocol acceleration, caching and compression assure network performance and maximize bandwidth utilization.
  • WAN optimization – fine-grained queuing and traffic shaping match network performance to application session needs.
  • Dashboards – performance maps and SLM dashboards immediately alert you to network performance issues.
  • Single box mode – patented bi-directional traffic control does not require appliances at both the enterprise and cloud locations to optimize WAN traffic.


  • Ensures end-to-end network service delivery
  • Reduces mean-time-to-restore network performance
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Enhances utilization of network resources