In an era of disruption driven by the cloud and mobility, Streamcore is dedicated to being your trusted partner in enabling reliable, global communications for your distributed enterprise.  With a singular focus on optimizing the technical and financial performance of your Wide Area Networks (WAN) , Streamcore ensures your connections maximize the productivity of users and business applications wherever they are located.


Streamcore’s success is based on strong corporate values that guide our vision, goals, strategy and relationships.


Streamcore focuses its energies to continually develop its technology and service to maintain its leadership role. We persistently improve our offerings in terms of performance and user-friendliness.


The Streamcore team has a zest for delivering inventive solutions to solve business problems. Together, our diverse talents and enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology has enabled us to anticipate and respond to dynamic market changes.


Streamcore is highly committed to customer satisfaction. Our clients are at the heart of our strategic vision and actions. By satisfying customer expectations and anticipating future needs, we strive to win customers’ trust and loyalty.