Objectivif user perception


The user is the key to the productivity of companies, he is dependent on his information system (application and network) to perform his work. Even if he is the first one concerned, he is subjective and any temporary disruption turns into “nothing works” because of impatience and the habit of a permanent and instantaneous service.

Despite investments in networks and the efforts of network teams, complaints return and when network teams investigate, the causes of the disruptions felt by users may have disappeared. Therefore:

  • Users need to be believed
  • Teams need evidence of disruptions to know where to look

Streamcore’s approach:

  • Measure all transactions, for all applications, for all sites
  • Calculate relevant metrics that reflect user perception (MoS for voice, response time for applications)
  • Provide all measurements at 10 seconds, correlated with user perception
  • Provide consolidated and detailed objective indicators (who is affected, where, what level of degradation what frequency)

Benefits :

  • Be a judge of peace between users and network teams
  • Anticipate disruptions to avoid them
  • Share objective information with stakeholders

Guaranteed diagnostics

Observation :

Most performance problems are not related to simple, repetitive causes but to multiple causes that vary between sites and applications. In addition:

  • 2 successive complaints from the same user do not necessarily have the same causes
  • Single cause and repetitive problems are already diagnosed and solved

Streamcore’s approach

  • Relevant and exhaustive indicators
  • Master the mass of data and provide instantaneous navigation capability
  • Navigate through the data, over time and by level
    • By hour, day, week, month, year
    • By network, site, link, circuit, application group, application, session, packet
  • Delineate areas of responsibility
    • Local network
    • Operator
    • Sizing and usage
    • Application and servers


  • Efficiently determine the origin of performance problems
  • Reduce resolution time (from several months to a few minutes)

Act at the speed of the network

Observation :

Noticing disruptions after the fact is not enough. Disruptions caused by the network must be dealt with as much as possible at the time, at the speed of the network. We therefore propose:

Streamcore’s approach

  • Measure all transactions, for all applications, for all sites
  • Issue alarms for rapid mitigation of performance problems
  • Provide easily understandable high-level metrics to predict infrastructure evolution

Benefits :

  • Better understand how the network infrastructure is impacted by users
  • Better understand the user experience of network performance
  • Determine key points for optimizing performance and user experience
  • Accelerated upstream mitigation of performance and peak usage issues

Industrialize multi-site management

Observation :

Today, dozens of sites with different uses often have the same network capacities. Arbitrary capacity evolution decisions and network architectures resulting from the history of the sites (acquisition, move, sale) can drastically distance them from each other. There are also partner sites (customers, franchisees) that use internal applications

Streamcore’s approach

  • Measure and track usage
  • Group sites into categories along several axes
    • By type, by geography, by size, by brand, or by any other criteria that might be relevant
    • Policy by site type
    • Prioritize by site type, size, or other factors
  • Manage sites centrally
  • Asymmetric management

Benefits :

  • Accelerated and simplified management for a central administrator
  • Delegation of privileges: an administrator can delegate the administration of a site to a local manager
  • Centralized consultation of indicators related to each site
The network speed you want, when you want it