Alarms can be defined at all levels, on network, application or VoIP/video performance. An alarm log allows to keep a history of all events on each site, in order to have the most synthetic view of the events.

These alerts help prevent and detect any type of malfunction or abnormal behavior across the WAN (such as denial of service attacks or viruses), to identify and address as quickly as possible disruptions that can affect productivity and lead to significant financial losses :

  • Deterioration of the service level offered by the operator (delay, losses…)
  • Detection of an unidentified flow on an access link
  • Drop in performance on a link that is undersized in relation to the needs of business applications
  • Degradation of a server’s response

A criticality level (info, minor, major, critical) allows to filter the relevant alarms displayed in a log.

A selection of alarms can also be sent by email to a predefined list of recipients or by RSS feed and SNMP/Syslog trap.