Collection and storage of statistics

The collection is done automatically by the MMS every 10 minutes, and the statistics are saved in a database.

The storage duration of statistical data by granularity is configurable according to your needs. By default, the storage duration is as follows:

  • For 5 days on a granularity of 10 min ;
  • For 15 days on a 30 min granularity;
  • For 60 days on a 2 hour granularity;
  • For 2 years on a 1 day granularity

Average measurements over long periods of time do not reflect the user experience, and therefore information associated with traffic spikes is also stored. This allows IT managers to monitor sporadic changes as well as strong trends to understand overall variations in resource usage.

Aggregate statistics on a site

For all the sites managed by the solution, the MMS automatically aggregates all the statistics associated with each site (measured in particular by StreamGroomers deployed on one or more Datacenters if the site is not equipped with StreamGroomer). For example, the graphs related to the following indicators are available on an agency equipped or not:

  • Total volume or flow
  • Breakdown of the flow between applications

For a Datacenter, advanced aggregation functions allow to present for example :

  • Breakdown of throughput between categories, remote sites or applications
  • For each application, consolidated indicators as well as the top remote sites for the following measures: volume, number of users, response time

Aggregate statistics on a category

Powerful and flexible statistics aggregation capabilities provide high-level information on different categories such as business units or geographical entities.

Traffic volume and application or VoIP metrics can be consolidated across any category. In addition, the Top 10 sites within the category can be displayed for any application (volume, number of users, response time) or VoIP (volume, number of calls, MOS) metric.