Solution module

Centralized configuration and operations make business processes more efficient and simple. Moreover, it guarantees the reliability and standardization of the application and communication management policy. In addition, the statistics collected by the StreamGroomers are automatically consolidated. This global approach to performance management ensures permanent adaptability and offers optimal visibility on the WAN infrastructure and application performance.

The MMS hosts a set of web-based applications that allow configuration and operation of the features:

  • SGMconf:
    MMS system and security configuration, software updates, database management.
  • StreamView:
    Centralized management of StreamGroomers. Configuration of IS organization, sites, network, application or VoIP/video rules. Use of real-time monitoring and troubleshooting tools.
  • StreamReport :
    Definition, planning, consultation, transmission (email) of reports in PDF, HTML, CSV, XML, …
  • StreamDashboard :
    Definition and generation of personalized web pages for long-term reporting.
  • StreamAccess
    Flexible management of access rights to efficiently share information and provide personalized access to the various applications of the MMS.
  • StreamMap
    Automatically display network, application, VoIP/video performance and usage in a dynamic map.

The capacity of the MMS is based on the number of sites and the number of applications that need to be processed (i.e., a total number of rules).

The MMS can also be provided as a VM with up to 1000 sites (virtual MMS).

An MMS redundancy solution is available to ensure high availability of management applications, with automatic replication of :

  • The configuration database,
  • The statistics database


The StreamGroomers act on the traffic exchanged between the LAN and WAN networks: they analyze but also regulate the flows according to the network, application, VoIP and video rules defined by the administrator.

Different models are available for central and remote sites, depending on the speed and quantity of traffic to be processed:


Virtual acceleration devices (SpeedServers) are used to bypass traffic in a virtualized datacenter environment. SpeedServers can be interconnected with each other or with an SG to perform acceleration.

The acceleration software (SpeedAgent) allows you to take advantage of end-to-end acceleration by being installed transparently on a mobile environment (PC, tablet, smartphone) and by talking to a virtual SpeedServer or a physical SG appliance.

StreamCollector (SCO)

The StreamCollector allows to store the list of user IP sessions over an extended period.

This equipment is mainly used to diagnose any previous problem encountered by a user:

  • Identify at user level the cause of a flow saturation (virus attack, anti-virus update …)
  • Identify degraded VoIP communications (MOS < 3.5) over a previous period for a specific site
  • Identify the attributes of an application to the user (@IP, port, URL, certificate, response time …) over a specific period of a month

StreamGroomers (SG) export IP sessions to the StreamCollector (SCO) via Netflow tickets in v9 format.

The MMS StreamView unified interface collects the IP session data stored on the StreamCollector and returns the information to the user.

The capacity of the StreamCollector depends on the number of user sessions to be recorded (i.e. the number of streams per minute – fpm). Two physical devices are available:

To meet a management capacity greater than 10,000 users, a virtual SCO must be set up with specific CPU, memory and storage resources.