Smart Netflow Export

It is possible to enable Netflow export from the StreamGroomers (SG). Netflow tickets can be exported to a third party collector in v5 format or to the SGM or a StreamCollector (SCO) in v9 format. This last solution has the advantage of preserving level 7 information (URL, SSL certificate, audio/video codecs …), and performance metrics (application response time, MOS score, jitter …) for each user session.

The features of this mechanism are as follows:

  • Standard compatibility:
    • Netflow v5 format for export to a Third Party Collector
    • Netflow v9 format for exporting to the MMS or a StreamCollector (external box associated with the MMS that allows to go beyond one week of history on several sites)
  • Advanced export filtering mechanisms:
    • Sessions associated with a specific remote site
    • Sessions associated with a specific application
  • The advantages of using the Netflow Streamcore export are the following:
    • Netflow v5 format for export to a collector
      • It is not always possible to activate Netflow on a router (liability, performance issues, …)
      • Advanced filtering to limit the amount of information to be exported
      • Centralized control of the export
    • Netflow v9 format for export to the CMS or a StreamCollector
      • Session history integrated with the Streamcore software suite
      • Level 7 information retained per session (URL, Hostname, SSL certificate, audio/video codecs)
      • Performance indicators kept per session (Application response time, MOS score, jitter, delay, losses, etc.)
    • Unique interface
      • Aggregated data and session details are managed in a single interface allowing for data navigation (drill down)