Smart Service Tree

Streamcore makes service management simple, intuitive, and adaptive by making all types of information accessible through the Smart Service TreeTM :

  • Whether the information is located on the MMS (configuration or statistics database) or on a StreamGroomer (real-time statistics),
  • Whether the information is linked to a site equipped or not with a StreamGroomer

The objective is to represent in the form of a tree, called “Smart Service Tree”, the organization of the IS and the WAN, starting from the macroscopic (region, entity) to the microscopic (troubleshooting on an application of a particular site). In the tree structure of a site, we will find a first level of rules related to the network and then levels of application, VoIP and video rules.

Streamcore’s unique technology offers a drill-down navigation, from very high level business oriented views (site category) to extremely granular technical information (specific troubleshooting tools for a particular application on a particular site).

Site trees and categories

Streamcore solutions present and structure information according to the Information System (IS) organization, regardless of the number and location of StreamGroomers. For example, hundreds of sites can be managed and grouped by Business Unit, even if equipment is only installed in the main and regional Datacenter.

This business oriented service management is done by defining the sites to be managed and assigning them to categories related to Business Unit, geographical location, WAN access type etc. Once these categories have been defined, you can perform any configuration task or search for any type of information in a very intuitive way. For example, you can:

  • Select a subset of sites belonging to a specific business unit in a specific country in a report;
  • Distribute a group of application rules to sites belonging to specific categories;
  • Track the performance of critical applications by business unit or by country

Management remains intuitive and simple, even for complex networks with hundreds or thousands of sites:

  • Import and management of site information can be done directly in the Human Machine Interface (HMI) or with an easy-to-use Excel file import/export function.
  • Application management can be customized by Business Unit or by country. Any change (new application, new QoS policy…) is done for all managed sites in a few clicks.
  • The underlying technology allows automatic performance control based on the behavior of each session with the ABBATM engine.
  • The configuration of the QoS policy is simplified and follows a business-oriented logic.
  • Flow acceleration is managed on an application by application basis

Network, application, VoIP and video rules tree

For each site managed by the solution (equipped or not with StreamGroomer), the traffic on the network is classified in real time by the StreamGroomers in rules (network, applications, VoIP, video) according to one or more filters with criteria from level 2 to 7:

  • For network rules, the filtering criteria will be IP subnets.
  • For application, VoIP and video rules, the criteria can be IP addresses, protocols and their ports or application criteria such as the URL or hostname of an http flow, or the fields of an SSL certificate of an https flow. More than 150 filters are also predefined, allowing to automatically classify the most common flows on a corporate network

The implementation of the tree structure can be done in an automated way by using :

  • Configuration matrices with automatic filters,
  • Groups of rules (applications, VoIP, Video) distributed on a coherent set of sites