Product Line Overview

Streamcore provides cloud services delivery assurance solutions that enable reliable delivery of business-critical applications and communications from any cloud or data center. With Streamcore, enterprises can successfully adopt a cloud services model in order to provide IT-as-a-Service to end-users over any Wide Area Network (WAN).

Streamcore empowers enterprises with a set of capabilities which, for the first time, enable them to manage their networks and services in a business-oriented fashion. Streamcore’s Business-Oriented Management (BOM) represents a novel breakthrough that aligns network management with business operations requirements. Thanks to Streamcore’s combination of unique core technologies, enterprises can pragmatically apply tailored Visibility, Control and Optimization policies per business unit and application, allowing Streamcore’s solution to automatically manage all of the underlying complexity and dynamically adapt network utilization to application flow demands. Streamcore customers  benefit from a set of innovative and flexible features for assuring the performance of cloud services, unified communications, file transfers and interactive applications in mixed WAN traffic use cases:

  • Acceleration: improve response time of bandwidth-hungry and interactive applications
  • Optimization: ensure the best Quality of Service (QoS) for critical applications, including videoconferencing and VoIP, while controlling the impact of WAN traffic on user experience
  • Hybrid networks: take advantage of all the bandwidth available from multiple WAN services, including fail-over for high-availability
  • Cloud Services:  monitor and manage WAN traffic for your Cloud-based services
  • Mobility: accelerate communications for your mobile users
  • Troubleshooting and network assessment: understand in real-time or back-in-time if the network is the source of application performance degradation
  • Service level supervision: display in real-time on a supervision map (based on Google Maps) the quality of service delivered to end-users
  • Reporting: share reports presenting application usage and performance

Streamcore delivers its solutions through a range of products:

StreamGroomer (SG) inspects application flows and actively optimizes WAN traffic flows

Streamcore SpeedServer virtual appliance accelerates WAN traffic in the Cloud

Streamcore SpeedAgent WAN acceleration software for user devices

StreamGroomer Manager (SGM) centrally supervises the system and reports on network performance