Streamcore SpeedServer

The Streamcore SpeedServer provides a Virtualized Network Function (VNF) accelerating application flows over Wide Area Networks (WAN).  Deployed in a virtualized, software-defined data center or Cloud infrastructure service, the Streamcore SpeedServer intercepts traffic to and from remote SpeedServers and SpeedAgents, tuning protocols, compressing packets and deduplicating data patterns to reduce the time transferring information between users and applications.  The net result is faster transaction completions which enables business to conduct more transactions per employee or customer.  Whether faster transactions yield higher revenue or lower staffing costs to your business, the benefit is a win for improving your business operations productivity.

The Streamcore SpeedServer can be installed in your virtual server environment based on VMware, Hyper-V or Xen hypervisors to accelerate flows of applications residing in these software-defined data centers.  The Streamcore SpeedServer may also be installed in Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2 or Windows Azure Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider environments or IaaS environments based on VMware, Hyper-V or Xen hypervisors to accelerate your applications deployed to these services.  Installing a Streamcore SpeedServer in a Cloud infrastructure service also enables acceleration of your Cloud application services.  In this case, the Streamcore SpeedServer intercepts SaaS application flows via high-speed Internet Access Points to the Internet backbone and accelerates the traffic to your private network or directly to remote Streamcore SpeedServers and SpeedAgents over the Internet.

The virtualized Streamcore SpeedServer allow for a range of flexible deployments that are easy to manage and simplify network operations.

Dynamic Configuration Automatically adapt acceleration resources to Streamcore SpeedAgent deployments as well as changes in applications and Streamcore SpeedServers in the network.
License Management Automatically distribute licenses to Streamcore SpeedServers and SpeedAgents as deployed.  Revoke, recover and redistribute licenses to manage changes in your network over time.
Scalability and High-Availability Streamcore SpeedServers accelerating a set of applications may be peered to serve the same applications.  Streamcore SpeedAgents and SpeedServers connect to different SpeedServer peers accelerating a set of applications to distribute the load.    If a fault occurs in a peered Streamcore SpeedServer, remote SpeedServers and SpeedAgents automatically direct communications with an active peer SpeedServer accelerating the set of applications.  Streamcore SpeedServers and SpeedAgents automatically revert to the primary peer SpeedServer accelerating a set of applications when the fault is cleared.