Load balancing / Hybrid network / SDWAN

When two paths are available between sites equipped with StreamGroomers or not, WAN load balancing can be activated in order to manage the bandwidth of redundant access links in an optimized way.

Different load balancing modes are available: per session or per application. The availability of each link is monitored by an active probe to automatically adapt the bandwidth management mechanisms, and possibly exploit a backup QoS policy.

In addition, the Streamcore solution is complementary to the load sharing solutions implemented by the access providers. It is capable of controlling the allocation of applications to the various access links via advanced DSCP classification and marking (at level 7). In addition, the monitoring and control functions will allow :

  • Visibility and tracking of applications for each access;
  • Guaranteed performance of critical business applications and VoIP/Video via QoS engines;
  • Automatic traffic failover and backup QoS policy in case of access loss;
  • Bandwidth optimization via compression/caching mechanisms

The deployment of the virtual images on the StreamGroomers installed on the remote sites is done by scripting and can thus be managed by a global provisioning tool allowing the creation of the virtual machine but also the necessary environment elements (IP addresses, firewall rules, etc.)