Objectify user perception

One of the biggest problems in networks is to know where and when incidents occurred. Now you can know everything at any time.

Guaranteed diagnostics

Our products will provide the necessary diagnosis to understand what is happening on your network, and apply the right measures to address your issues.

Act at the speed of the network

The solution we implement will not diminish the quality of your navigation, on the contrary. Acceleration and other gains are possible.

Industrialize multi-site management

We guarantee a centralized administration and configuration of the installed products, allowing a simplified and accelerated management for an administrator in charge of several sites.

How it Works

Deployment, passive or active supervision, or the main solutions we offer, you will find here all the technology you are looking for

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What they say about Streamcore

If we are in the best position to say what we do, you are in the best position to tell us what you think

Nos partenaires

Groupe Casino leaves nothing to chance on its WAN.

The subject of quality of service on the WAN has been close to my heart for many years. It's an essential subject that users are particularly sensitive to.

Didier ANDRE Head of the Networks and Telecoms Department

Derichebourg manages the Internet explosion in line with its strategic priorities with Streamcore

The compression was very effective. In particular on the flows coming from the AS/400 which are not compressed at all at the beginning. This has enabled us to postpone any changes to our operator links.

Felipe LOPEZ Network Manager

The assurance of a foolproof network

For us, the decisive argument was the ability of Streamcore solutions to process all of our flows in real time.

Emmanuel FONTANA Network architect, DSI

The General Council of Oise prepares the transition to ToIP with Streamcore

If it is possible to have a degraded service on the mail or the web, the constraints and technical requirements related to IP telephony impose an irreproachable quality of service. This requires complete control of the flows.

Cédric PERRIER Head of the IT Infrastructure & Production Department

TCS, three Wan for all-terrain assistance

Thanks to Streamcore, we now have technological tools that allow us to guarantee an impeccable quality of service to all our members, which is our primary ambition.

Stéphane MORIS Global Infrastructure Manager
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