Discover the New Features of Software Suite 23a

Release notesAdrien Escobosa

Software Suite 23a brings major enhancements to the Streamcore platform, with new features and improved performance. Here’s an overview of what’s new in the various categories:

New Interfaces: SuperView and SCXCenter SuperView is an innovative interface for displaying statistics stored on the SGM. Users can customize the elements to be displayed and share their interfaces with other users.

SCXCenter offers centralized management of StreamGroomer probes. Probes can be configured to host other applications, and managed locally or remotely from the interactive SCXManager interface.

Netflow evolutions: greater flexibility and security Netflow licensing is now integrated with rule counting, offering more granular use of the Netflow function. Netflow flow encryption is also available, ensuring the security of exchanges between probes and the SGM.

The automatic activation of Netflow export on Other rules facilitates session logging for more in-depth traffic analysis.

SGM evolutions: Improved statistics and better management Connections in progress now display the DNS resolution of IP addresses, making addresses and their resolution easier to read.

The chattiness indicator assesses the degree of interactivity in a session, helping to understand traffic behavior between callers.

TOP SNI for long-term connections provides detailed information on HTTPS traffic.

The switch to UTF-8 for all components enhances the compatibility and consistency of data imported into the software suite.

The display of CPU max over a 10-second period provides more precise information on the use of SGM resources.

The qhp version provides a first level of parallelism, improving QoS performance for CPU-intensive equipment.

Acceleration: optimized performance Acceleration now offers a choice of two default block sizes, small or large, for improved caching management.

The DIAS (Disabling Inaccessible Application Servers) mechanism temporarily disables application servers in the event of connection problems, thus avoiding access interruptions.

These new features in Software Suite 23a offer significant improvements in terms of performance, flexibility and management. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your platform to benefit from all these advances.